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Why Paer Tutoring?

Our Mission

Above all, we believe every student can succeed! We would be honored to be part of your child’s learning journey.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are experts in multiple subjects! Need help with chemistry, pre-calc, and SAT prep? We got you. How about physics, Chinese, and calculus? We still have your back! Once you’re matched to a tutor, you can use our time together flexibly as needed for the different subjects you need help with.

Our Approach

We believe the heart of successful tutoring is building a trusting relationship. When a student feels comfortable truthfully sharing their uncertainties, we can really dive deep and make unbelievable progress. Through this trust, we dig into the foundations of the student’s learning and help them rebuild a deeper understanding. Another benefit of this process is that it can help your child gain confidence in themselves, their capabilities, and their potential.

Our Methodology


We believe in understanding, not memorization. We’ll work with your child to help them truly understand the concepts so that they can deeply engage with the material rather than just memorizing a series of steps. Memorization fades, but true understanding is lasting and helps students apply concepts to new situations. We believe this is the way to both learn effectively and foster a love of learning!

Our Experience

We have experience with learning differences. Many of our tutors have experience with students with learning differences, including dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and more, as well as conditions like OCD and Autism. We adapt our style to help your child learn in a way that works for them. We also offer organizational tutoring and executive function coaching to help students get back on track. We help students gain confidence in themselves and embrace their unique perspectives and abilities.

Our Efficiency

We save you time. Not only can you avoid the scheduling challenges of having multiple tutors, but, since we tutor virtually, you can also receive tutoring from school during breaks, from home after sports or extracurricular activities, and on weekends even if you’re traveling. That saves commute time that your child can use to sleep, do homework, or have fun and spend time with family and friends. We’ve been tutoring exclusively online since 2019, so have an abundance of experience with online learning starting well before covid.

Our Flexibility

We meet students at their level. Whether a student is barely scraping by in class or is already doing well but trying to ensure a good grade, we’re here to help! We tailor our style, approach, explanations, and level to suit your child’s situation. Every child learns differently, has different interests, and has different goals. We’re here to help support them achieve their goals!

Our Location Independence


We can move with you! If you’re a military family moving frequently, wouldn’t it be nice to have your tutor be a constant in your child’s education? If you and your child are on a sports trip or college visit, wouldn’t it be nice for your tutor to be able to continue working with you so that your child doesn’t fall behind? If your child switches schools or goes off to college, wouldn’t it be ideal for them to have stabilizing continuity during that transition? We’re here for you and can keep working with you as life’s changes take place.

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