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Online Tutoring

Why meet online?

Between classes, homework, sports, and extracurricular activities, student schedules are getting busier and busier each year. Online tutoring saves students time by accommodating the student’s schedule and location. And they are just as effective as in-person meetings! 


While today's students are accustomed to virtual interactions from FaceTime, Zoom, SnapChat, and more, it's important to learn how to use this technology in an educational and professional setting. Meeting virtually prepares students for modern classes and jobs. Video conferencing and interviewing have become increasingly commonplace even in traditional professions such as law, medicine, and counseling.

How does it work?

At their scheduled time, students simply go to the website provided in the scheduling confirmation email and text. No download is required for a laptop or desktop, but using Google Chrome is strongly recommended.


With online tutoring, the student and tutor see each other’s live videos as well as the tutor's digital notes being handwritten in real time. Students may also share their own notes, screens or documents, as appropriate. Digital copies of the session notes are sent to students after the session for reference, which prevents loss of notes and aids organization.

Technology Requirements

  • Software: No software required! On a laptop or desktop computer, all you need to access the website we provide. 

  • Hardware: No specific computer model is required. 


  • Connection: Virtual tutoring does require internet access and recommended WiFi download/uploads speeds are 2.0Mbps/2.5Mbps. Ethernet connections are also a great alternative to WiFi.

  • Browser: We strongly recommend Google Chrome for the best user experience. 

  • Audio/Video Access: If a prompt (like the one pictured below) appears requesting website access  to the camera and microphone, please click 'Allow.' This is much easier than changing the settings later.

  • Other recommendations: Computer chargers are strongly recommended. Headphones are suggested depending on student's location. 

Want to see online tutoring in action?

Check out the pictures for a step-by-step guide to the virtual conference room and watch the video for an example of tutoring in the digital age!

Examples of Prompts
Camera Microphone Permission in Room.png
Accessing the Conference Room 

Simply go to the website provided in your email confirmation, then follow the steps above! Click to enlarge images.

*note: using Chrome strongly  recommended

Different Screen Viewing Options

Double-clicking the screens toggles between different views. There are at three unique views to highlight different screens. 

Example Online Tutoring Excerpt

This video is provided to give an overview effect. However, it importantly lacks a student, as each student is unique and would ask questions at different times. Click to enlarge!

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