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Eleni (Parent)

Tutor: Alex

Where do I even begin to explain what a blessing Alex has been for my son! She truly changed him as a student and has provided him with immense confidence he did not have before tutoring with her.

My son started with Alex his junior year.  He has had other tutors that were in-person tutoring.  They were good enough, so we thought, until we were referred to Alex.  She not only can help with EVERY subject, but she helps with organization, discipline, and confidence. When Covid hit we were very concerned on how he would self-discipline himself with his schoolwork.  However, since he was used to tutoring with Alex online already, it really helped prepare him for his crazy senior year of Covid.  We have never seen my son so disciplined with his sessions and getting the work done.  Alex helped him feel comfortable to email and call upon teachers with questions and concerns which he would never had done before.

Alex was also extremely instrumental with his college applications, essays and SAT/ACT’s preparation.  She kept him organized every step of the way which gave us parents time to just be his parents and enjoy his senior year together.  Alex is very knowledgeable with colleges, from what they offer to what it takes to get in.  She walked my son through the whole process, and he really listened to her guidance.  

My son was a B, B- student before Alex.  During his time with her his lowest grades were B+ for the most part. He mostly had A and A-.  His senior year his GPA went up from 3.3 to 3.6 from his junior year. And mind you this was during Covid.  We were all and still are truly proud and amazed.

As my son leaves for college, we are still going to keep in touch with Alex in case he needs help getting settled with his new college curriculum. I can’t say enough about how great Alex is not only as a tutor but as a person.  She cares a lot about her students and really helps them to be their best.  We are so blessed to have her in our life. 

Lauren (Parent)

Tutor: Alex

What set Paer Tutoring apart for us was that Ms. Paer not only worked through subject matter content, but more importantly, she resurrected hope when we had almost given up, and created confidence in my daughter where there was none.


Through Paer Tutoring, my daughter discovered she wasn’t dumb (which left her feeling overwhelmed and defeated), she just needed the right person to help her apply her hard work in the right way, and strengthen her confidence so that she felt comfortable speaking up in class and going into her teachers for help outside of class.


It seems like a miracle of sorts. In a short period of time my daughter progressed from getting interims for C’s and D’s in almost every subject in middle school, to today in high school where even though she has a learning difference, she kicks herself when she receives an A- on any test or homework assignment. It’s only because she’s experienced that she can achieve an A through tools that Paer Tutoring has taught her.


Paer Tutoring has instilled confidence in my daughter, and she uses that energy to fight for the better grade she knows she can get by figuring out what works to get it. The approach, study strategies, and confidence level Paer Tutoring has taught my daughter is applied to every school subject (including those my daughter isn’t being tutored in) leading to A’s (or a rare B+) in every subject for her. Paer Tutoring, quite simply, has figured out the recipe for academic success that can applied to any grade level and any subject. Continued tutoring in college on a particularly challenging subject just hones those skills learned in high school tutoring.


One other thing that sets Paer Tutoring apart for us is the flexibility: subject matter scope and virtual tutoring.

  1. Subject matter scope: We enrolled in tutoring for math, science, organizational study skills, and SAT prep, but because Ms. Paer was proficient in so many other subjects, if my daughter had a project she needed help on in English, social studies or Spanish, Ms. Paer could switch and help out with that subject for that tutoring session. It was like having emergency help on tap.

  2. Virtual tutoring: My daughter started off with in person tutoring and then moved to virtual when Paer Tutoring moved in that direction. We thought it wouldn’t be as good. However, it turned out to be better. It allowed us the flexibility to schedule tutoring around her after school activities and saved me from having to drive my daughter anywhere. It’s so much easier in the comfort of your own home. Virtual tutoring also transfers well when your child needs help in college, whether in Hawaii or in another State or even country. My daughter knows the virtual routine and so tutoring help (if needed) in college will be seamless.


Tutor: Tetsuto

It was late in the year and it had been a very tough year of struggling through both Chemistry and Algebra. We had just about given up when we found Paer Tutoring and it was truly a blessing. 


After contacting them, I got an immediate response from Ms. Paer, asking about our needs. We explained to her that my daughter was having a really difficult time with the content and the teaching delivery was not helping at all. My daughter was completely overwhelmed and defeated.


We needed someone very patient and understanding that could help my daughter with the content. We were referred to Tets and he was the answer to all of our prayers! It was immediately evident that his teaching style worked really well for her and she immediately had a better grasp of concepts and had more confidence in what she was doing. 


In just a short period of time, we went from failing to passing with flying colors! We found something that worked really well for all of us! Tets could switch easily between both subjects helping her with homework, going over questions missed on quizzes, and preparing for upcoming tests and finals. The fact that it was online, made things so much easier to schedule and the platform they use works really well for sharing work with each other. We are so grateful we found Paer tutoring. We plan to continue our work with them and look forward to much more enjoyable learning experiences in school!

Madeleine (Parent)

Tutor: Tetsuto

Tets’s tutoring services were tremendously valuable for my son. In addition to ensuring he understood the material, Tets took the time to truly get to know him, build his trust, and identify how he best learns. That made all the difference. I think he made it as fun as possible, too (with chemistry and algebra, no less!). We are very grateful for his help throughout my son’s high school career.

Linda and Brian Schatz (Parents)

Tutor: Nick

We have been so fortunate to have Nick Amador tutor and mentor Tyler for math and SATs. Our son has a deeper understanding of math concepts in his class and has gained valuable insights on how to respond to SAT questions. Nick presents a skillful understanding of how young adults have the potential to tackle these academic challenges and brings an approach that is well received. I can’t say enough great things! I’d recommend Nick to anyone who needs that extra guidance and insight. 

Sam (Parent)

Tutor: Robbie

My daughter started working with Natasha at age 7 and it’s been over a year now.  Robbie has been great with identifying areas that need improvement, while tapping into my daughter’s interest.  This is a fine balance to strike and Robbie does it very well.  Robbie is able to, not only introduce new concepts, but also incorporate concepts that my daughter already understands.  Robbie is also very proactive in bringing in new material and finding different ways to keep the class interesting.  And the another valuable aspect is Robbie’s summarization and communication to me on they cover and what she plans to cover.


Anya (Student)

Tutor: Alex


I am so grateful that Ms. Paer was able to help me in so many subjects, from math and science to help with college applications and SAT/ACT prep. I appreciated Ms. Paer's patience and I appreciated how much detail and depth Ms. Paer goes towards explaining the concepts. She definitely makes sure that you fully understand and grasp concepts, and even the slightest confusion, she makes sure to clear that up. 


Ms. Paer also helped me to develop better study habits and hone my skills so that I can be a more successful student. Through Ms. Paer and the Paer Tutoring Company, I definitely became a more confident student. 


Tutor: Alex


Alex was referred by a friend, and we began tutoring over a year ago. As a parent, the fact that Alex could tutor online was a huge first benefit. Then I started to see that our child looked forward to each call, and truly understood the material much more after each session. Alex has an amazing ability to connect with kids and communicate, in addition to her very wide expertise on several subjects. The best part was that I could hear the teaching happening and the connections being made. Alex is a big part of our journey through a successful Sophomore and Junior year, and in addition to helping with overall performance, gave our child the confidence in math and science needed to push further into new inquiries and perhaps someday new fields.

Evan (Student)

Tutor: Alex

Ms. Paer’s passion for teaching and forming meaningful relationships with her students is evident through her enthusiasm and dedication to her students’ understanding, often staying over time with me to make sure I grasped and felt comfortable with the concepts at focus. Her empathy and caring nature allow students to mature, build their confidence, and experience self-discovery. By being able to foster a welcoming and supportive learning environment, Ms. Paer is both a great friend and mentor for her students.

Richard (Parent)

Tutor: Alex


Alex Paer has worked with all three of my kids, each of whom had worked with other tutors before.  Each of them did better with Ms. Paer than any of the other tutors.  Among the many positive things I have to say, very importantly they liked working with her, and they spent the time working, not chatting or off on tangents.  I also very much appreciated her thoroughness is making sure they were prepared for school.  Two are off to college, but she will continue to work with the third.

Cody (Student)

Tutor: Alex

Ms. Paer has been nothing less than exceptional when she is helping me grasp complicated ideas. She has a concrete base of understanding in every subject that she has been an enormous factor in my success in AP Chem and AP Physics. Not only did she have a very effective teaching style, she created a comfortable and supporting environment to learn. 

Lorinne (Parent)

Tutor: Alex


Alex has been tutoring my son for the past 4 years. Not only is she super knowledgeable in all subjects (at the high school and college level), but more importantly she is patient and caring. Alex has provided my son with a strong foundation in the math and sciences, which I feel is critical to his success in being able to understand and apply concepts to subjects in his upper division college courses. I also know that not all tutors are created equal; she is knowledgeable in many subjects, but is able to teach concepts in a way that my son was able to fully comprehend. Many times, when he was confused by a lecture or textbook, he would go to Alex and she would explain it in a way that he always understood. That is the sign of a great tutor; smart, but able to communicate effectively to your child. To give you an idea of how caring and committed she is, last summer she was on a family vacation on a boat. I contacted her by email and told her that my son needed help in a fast-paced 6 week summer school course. She set up tutoring for my son by the next day to meet virtually, during her vacation, while she was on a boat. She continued to tutor him until the class ended. I was truly amazed by her caring attitude and willingness to help him while she was on vacation. I realized she does what she does because she wants your child to succeed. If you are considering a tutor for your child, I can say without a doubt that Alex is the best that you will find.


Lisa (Parent)

Tutor: Alex


We are so happy we found Alex!!
We had been looking for a long long time for a good tutor for our daughter.  We were referred by a friend to a different tutor.   But that tutor had no openings.  Luckily the tutor referred us to two other tutors.   One of which was Alex.  Alex was very responsive and organized and made me feel at ease right away.  I chose Alex.   And am so glad we did.   Alex has been excellent and has helped our daughter gain more confidence.  On top of that our daughter improved her SAT scores (from PSAT) by 100 points.  So glad we found Alex.  In addition to the tutoring, Alex always provides me with feedback and additional info to help me stay on track with deadlines and keep me on track!
She’s wonderful!!  I wasn’t sure if an online tutoring scenario would work for us.  But it turned out great especially given COVID-19 restrictions!  Lastly payment each month is so easy with several options!  Again, so glad we found Alex!!!

Tyler (Student)

Tutor: Alex


Ms. Paer helped me get through the most challenging math and science classes at Punahou such as AP Calculus BC and AP Physics C.  She did a very good job at explaining difficult concepts to me and taught at a pace I could follow. In addition to her effective tutoring skills, Ms. Paer was kind and understanding.  She made learning math and physics easy and fun.  I am grateful for all her help as it allowed me to have success in my high school classes, standardized exams and college.

Helen (Parent)


Tutor: Clarise



Dear Mom/dad with Student those who need help Academy matters,


My son Josh needs help about APChem Test last May.

I was asking all around me to introduce private lessons but was not easy and my mind been little bit rush cause the test is coming very soon.

Very lastly I would have a *Paer tutoring* and asked them to help my son.

Before start lessons, Paer and I had a some conversations about my son which was what he needs, how he help and matching right person(teacher) for my son.

They met around 15times till finished APChem test.

During that time, Paer and the teacher always contact with me and explained what's going on about study and my son.

After Exam and I saw my son was gave me a big SMILE and his feeling was good.

Even though we don’t know yet about results of this test but my son and I feel very confident and comfortable.


We do like to say big thanks with HUG Paer.

I'm so much appreciated all your kindness.

We are very sure will come back to you when my kids need help.


Thank you.




개인 선생님으로부터 공부에 대한 도움이 필요하신 학부모님이나, 학생이 있으시다면 이 글이 조금이나마 도움이 되고자 후기를 남깁니다.


저는 푸나후 고등학교 2학년에 재학 중인 학생을 두고 있는 학부모 입니다.


지난 5월에 있을 APChem Test 를 6주 정도 앞두고, 개인 선생님을 찾기 위해 주위에 도움을 요청하였으나, 단 한 명도 소개를 받지 못하였습니다.


시험 날짜는 다가오고 저의 마음은 급하였으나 도움을 받을 수 있는 곳은 없었고, 사설 학원이 몇개 있다는 것은 알았지만, 요즘 코로나 바이러스 때문에 갈수도 올수도 없는 상황이라 어떻게 해야 할지 몰랐습니다.


그러다가 이웃에 사시는 분의 소개로 ""Paer Tutoring """ 을 알게 되었습니다.


Web site 를 통해서 선생님들의 약력을 확인하고 Paer 선생님게 이메일을 보내게 되었습니다.


Paer 선생님은 굉장히 친절하게 상담에 임해주셨고, 수업을 진행하기 전에 학생(아들)에 대한 이야기를 많이 하였는데, 학교 성적이나, 좋아하는 과목, 태도, 성격..등등을 몇 번의 이멜로 주고 받고, 아들에 맞는 선생님을 추천해 주셨고, 바로 온라인 수업을 진행하게 되었습니다.


6주동안 대략 15번 정도 수업을 하였는데, 사실 처음에는 걱정을 많이 했었네요. 잘 할 수 있을건지, 시험은 다가오는데, 좋은 결과가 있을 것인지..등등 많은 걱정이 있었습니다.


아들의 성격상 미주알 고주알  이야기를 많이 하는 성격은 아니라 그저 열심히 공부하는 것 같았습니다.


드디어 시험을 마치고, 아들에게 어떠했냐고 물어봤을때... 아들은 다 잘 아는 문제들이었다고 이야기 하면서 활짝 웃어 주었습니다.


그순간 얼마나 제 마음이 편안하고 흐뭇했고, 자랑스러웠는지 모르겠습니다.


네, 아직까지 그 시험의 결과는 모릅니다 사실은.


그렇지만, 시험을 마치고 이렇게 마음이 편안하고, 자신 있어하는 아들의 모습을 보니 그저 좋기만 했습니다.


공부를 하는동안에도 Paer 선생님과 개인 지도 선생님(Clarise)는 자주 이메일을 보내주면서, 공부가 어떻게 진행되고 있으며, 아들의 현재 수준과, 앞으로 어떻게 진행 될 것인가에 대해서 자세히 설명해 주고 이야기 해 주었으므로, 사실상 걱정되는 부분은 없었습니다.


그리고, 저에게 더 중요한 부분은... 아들이 이제 고등학교 3학년이 되므로 저는 많은 것들이 궁금했어요.


이를테면 앞으로 어떻게 대학을 준비해야 하는지, SAT는 어떻게 준비해야 하는지..이번 여름방학은 어떻게 무엇을 준비해야 하는지에 대해서 매우 궁금했는데, Paer선생님은 얼마나 친절하고 자세히 설명을 해 주시는지 저는 너무 감사하고, 좋았습니다.


참고로 Paer  선생님은 푸나후 학교에서 교사를 하셨던 분이어서 그런지 굉장히 많은 정보를 가지고 계셨고,


학교 선생님하고 대화하면 어쩐지 부담이 되고 불편한 것에 반해, Paer 선생님은 편안하고 어떤 말을 해도 잘 이해해 주시고, 제가 영어가 좀 부족한 편인데도 불구하고 잘 이해해 주셨습니다.


아, 그리고 시간당 과외비도 지나치지 않은 것 같았습니다...


끝으로,  지금 혹시 아이들이나 본인을 위해서 도움이 필요하신 분이 있다면 믿고 상담 받아 보시길 추천 드립니다.

후회 하지 않을실 것 같아요...



Susan (Parent)

Tutor: Alex


This is the third year Ms.Paer will be tutoring our son and he has been thriving ever since! I searched 3 different private schools before a friend gave me her name. Ms. Paer has truly been a blessing to our family. She can make any subject understandable and has the patience to explain a topic in different ways until my son can grasp the concept. She is always willing to accommodate us and schedule a session before a quiz or test. Ms. Paer first helped our son raise his Chemistry honors grade from a C to an A then helped him in AP Chemistry, AP physics and now in AP Biology. And we are definitely not stopping there! Since sessions can be made virtually, we are definitely using her help when he goes to college! 


‘Very Happy Parents’

Tutor: Alex

We are very thankful for Ms. Paer helping our children over the past few years.

She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and delightful. Her communication skill is superb and she always goes above and beyond to make sure the students have fully mastered the material. Ms. Paer is not just an excellent tutor, but she is also a great mentor and role model. My children are truly grateful for her thoughtful guidance and encouragement. We are so thankful we found her and would highly recommend her tutoring services to anyone!!!


Riley (Student)

Tutor: Alex


Ms. Paer has been my tutor for the past 4 years (2 years in high school and 2 years in college). She has tutored me in a wide range of subjects in the sciences. Although science is my passion, I sometimes struggle with understanding the complex concepts that often aren’t clearly explained by my professors in lectures or in class textbooks. Ms. Paer is able to effectively breakdown the material into very simple terms using different examples and analogies that make it easy for me to comprehend the material. If one method of teaching does not work, then she is quick to adapt, and continues to make adjustments until you completely understand the concept. She is always patient and really cares about my progress. Ms. Paer has definitely given me confidence in myself and my academic abilities.


Janice (Parent)

Tutor: Alex


Ms. Paer tutored my son in math and science while in high school.  He found her style of teaching math and science easy to understand.  She helped him do extremely well in both subjects.  On the SAT exam, he scored at the 99th percentile for math. He also scored 5s on AP Calculus BC and AP Physics C. He is now in college and continues to do well due to the solid math foundation he received. Ms. Paer played a tremendous role as both a tutor and a mentor. I highly recommend Ms. Paer.


Tutor: Alex


From patiently explaining complicated subjects to being a center of support and encouragement, Ms. Paer has been, and continues to be, a truly integral part of my academic and personal journey. I would not be where I am without her, and I am truly grateful for all her help throughout the years. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Paer’s tutoring services to anyone.

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